Celebrate and Choose CHAOS

We hold any kind of event at café CHAOS; from weddings to birthdays to wakes and cooperate events…you name it! Whatever your event, you can be sure that it will be catered to a high standard. We’re all about local Cornish produce, some of our food is sourced from as close as 10 miles away, such as our beef that actually comes from the CHAOS Farm.

Our café full of bright pompoms, inspirational quotes and smiley people can celebrate all special events. Events held at the café CHAOS also provide paid employment opportunities for all our lovely volunteers, so you will also be supporting the CHAOS ethos!

We also offer team building at an event, Tesco, Truro held their store’s directors forum meeting at the cafe. There was laughter all round at our Mr Roberts icebreaker (shaving the balloon without popping it).

It is the perfect venue for ALL milestones in life, surrounded by luscious grass and free parking, what’s not to love?

If you’re interested in booking an event with us please call 01872 246725 or email hello@cafechaoscornwall.co.uk OR pop in for a cuppa and some lunch and we can have a chat.